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you counted down the days till you could say "bye-bye, city, bye-bye"
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[ Sunday; 7/13/03 @ 9:28PM ]
i left some cool people behind. ;{ add me, people. add me to read more into my boring life.


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[ Friday; 3/14/03 @ 11:45AM ]
Add kittenish_. That's the new journal.
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[ Saturday; 11/30/02 @ 10:53PM ]
Yes, you have happened upon another friend only journal. You basically know the bit, comment to be added, and chances are I will add you back. It seems pretty simple, right? Now. Why is this friend's only?

1. This journal is friends only, and for many reasons, at that. This journal is for personal thoughts. That in which, tends to be some whining and bitching about my own life, like most other journals. A journal can be a very personal thing, online or not, and I'd expect to gain respect, and not be looked down upon for the words and thoughts I am capable of. You respect me, I respect you, deal?

2. A lot of the things I write in here are my personal thoughts, and I obviously do not want certain people to see those thoughts. Why? Because a) I probably do not trust them, b) I just don't fucking like that person, or c) you know damn good and well that I have shunned you, and I refuse to let you be in any way, part of my life.

3. I am a friendly person for the most part, and I want live-journal friends, that is a reason why this is friends only, too. Hey, it’s only normal, isn’t it? Why have an open journal so people can steal your words, pictures and everything else? Of course, friends could do that too, but that’s a different story. We have to at least have a few interests so it's not like commenting to a wall..

4. I don’t like people with closed minds, pretty self-explanatory I hope. I like it when people speak their mind, even if it goes against everything I have said. I love knowing what people want and believe, that’s a good way to get to know people. So add me, and I will add you back, you know the bit. Leave a cute lil` comment and make me a happy little tragíc, `kay?

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